Issued regulations under the financial law of Ajman Government as subsidiary legislation supplement to the financial provisions of the law have included some of the principles and provisions of accounting and finance and many details included sixteen chapters in addition to the final provisions and sent the details and procedures of all details of the policies and procedures financial manual and varied chapters of the regulation as follows:

Chapter 1: General Provisions
Chapter 2: The Internal Controls
Chapter 3: General  Budget
Chapter 4: Final Financial Statements
Chapter 5: Management of Government Funds and Bank Accounts
Chapter 6: Government Revenues
Chapter 7: Government Investments
Chapter8: Purchases and Government tenders
Chapter 9: Payments
Chapter10: Salaries and Wages
Chapter11: Projects
Chapter12: Miscellaneous
Chapter13: Stores
Chapter 14: State property
Chapter 15: Financial Records and statements
Chapter 16: Transactions exchanged between Government Departments
Final Provisions

*Final Decisions