The Human Resources Management track is composed of a set of modules by which it forms an electronic system for managing all the operations relating to the employees and employment.
Such modules are as following:
Human Resources : The  module is considered to be the core of the human resources  track through  which the main employees’ data , independents’ data scientific qualifications , training courses , position hierarchy , career path , allowances , bonuses ,  deductions and the organizational unit of each employee are entered.
Self Services: This module  allows the government employees to submit exit permits or leaves of various kinds. It also enables them to adjust their main data and enquire about their salaries.
I-Recruitment: This module allows the employment section to  on-line publish job opportunities being available in their departments and such process is supported with a series of procedures and approvals.
Time & Labor: The module is linked with the   fingerprint devices to identify the employees who are late or on leave and to count the overtime hours.