​The Policies and Consultants Office shall be responsible for carrying out the following:
(1) Prepare the draft of the financial and accounting policies and standards of the Government of the Emirate.
(2) Prepare and study the financial and accounting laws and rules and submit the suggestion for developing the same, study the financial regulations proposed by the government departments and show opinion therein.
(3) Co-ordinate with the government departments for developing and updating the unified financial system through the periodic review.
(4) Suggest training programs to raise the efficiency of the employees working in the government on the financial and accounting field in accordance with the international rules.
(5) Respond to the inquiries from the government departments concerning the applications of the unified financial system.
(6) Provide, or cause to provide, the legal consultancies and services relating to all businesses and services carried out by the Department in accordance with its competencies for ensuring the satisfaction of the legal requirements relating to such businesses and services subject to the provisions of legislations applicable in the UAE and in the Emirate.
(7) Any other tasks assigned by the Director General to the office within the scope of its competency.