​The Strategic and Excellence Office shall be responsible for carrying out the following:
(1) Carry out the process of strategic analysis of the Department through survey studies to the strategic partners of the Department, then, develop the strategic plans of the Department in accordance with the priorities of the general strategic plan of the Government and continuously review the abovementioned strategic plan.
(2) Follow up the execution of the strategic plans of the Department through the performance indicators of each section and submit reports to the Director General on the level of performance of each section based on the strategic plans and objectives.
(3) Formulate the executive plans and ensure its connection with the standard objectives of the Department in co-ordination with the relevant sections in the Department and apply scientific methodologies for following up the executive plans and measure the main performance indicators of the different sections and divisions in the Department and suggest initiatives and development projects to raise the levels of performance in the Department.
(4) Develop the institutional performance of the Department for disseminating the culture of excellence and quality among the employees of the Department in order to satisfy the standards of excellence and quality required in the Emirate and continuously carry out the institutional evaluation of the Department in the domains of excellence and quality.
(5) Develop and control the general performance of the Department for achieving the strategic objectives of the Department.
(6) Any other tasks assigned by the Director General to the office within the scope of its competency